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Behavioral Segmentation: The Key to Understanding Customers

8 -minute Read

Learn what behavioral segmentation is, how it can provide valuable insight into the customer journey, and how to opti...

Darshil Gandhi

Principal Solutions Consultant

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Keeping the Peace Between Data and Product Teams

5 -minute Read

Data teams must centralize and treat internal product teams as customers before they can reach data democratization.

Somer Simpson

VP of Product, Amplitude

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Unlocking Customer Influence: 3 Steps to Utilizing Your Behavioral Data

4 -minute Read

Leverage your data to win customer influence by delivering the right messaging at the right time to the right people.

Lucy Harwood

EMEA Content Marketing Manager, Amplitude

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Why Vendor Customer Support Matters

5 -minute Read

Learn why customer support is a key component of the customer-vendor relationship.

Adam Greco

Product Evangelist, Amplitude

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What’s Growing Faster: Apps or Websites?

Exclusive data from Amplitude Labs shows exactly where app and website usage is...

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