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Join us for a live walkthrough with a product expert to ask your questions and see Amplitude in action. Don't want to wait? Watch an on-demand tour!

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Introducing our speakers

Gausika Kanagaratnam

With a background in Telecom, Event and Hospitality industries, Gausika had worked alongside various Product Development and Support teams. With a love for Digital Products, Gausika joined Amplitude to help as many teams as possible to understand their customer needs and user behavior faster, and ultimately guide companies to build a better product, quicker.

Darshil Gandhi

Based in San Francisco, Darshil has worked in product and solutions engineering roles both at large companies and startups. He’s felt the struggle first-hand of trying to answer questions using sub-optimal data. He joined Amplitude to help teams truly understand their users through behavioral analytics, ultimately building better products that capture a greater market share. Darshil has a Masters in Engineering Management from Dartmouth College.

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