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Amplitude Digital Analytics Platform in Action

Join us for an interactive demo! Discover how to build better products and digital experiences using Amplitude’s Digital Analytics Platform.

Live Training Events

Join one of our free, one-to-many training sessions. Register on the Academy for as many virtual sessions as you or your team needs.

Europe & Middle EastVirtual
Power Up PM: Making the right product decisions using data

In our 6-session series, Product Coaches Ana Oarga and Raz Burciu introduce the step-by-step guide on how to build your own framework, based on your environment and your product.

Europe & Middle EastVirtual
Practical PLG Series - Activation Tactics Unleashed
Apr 23, 2024

Effective product managers must bridge the gap between acquisition and retention by employing an activation strategy as part of their overall product strategy. This involves seamless alignment between marketing, design, product, and engineering. The secret behind a successful activation strategy is creating a habit around your product and exposing the value to users as soon as possible. Join us on the second session of Practical PLG series titled "Activation Tactics Unleashed" to learn how do we do that.

Europe & Middle EastIn-person
Data & Innovation Summit 2024
Apr 24 – Apr 25, 2024

Join our booth at Data & Innovation Summit in Stockholm to learn more about Data Analytics strategy, how to apply a testing and experimentation environment and hear our expert Ted Sfikas speak about The New Customer Data Strategy.

Rangers vs. Mariners Game
Apr 24, 2024

Join Amplitude in our exclusive suite at the Texas Rangers game. Enjoy an evening of baseball, concierge service, gourmet food, and top-tier networking.

Europe & Middle EastVirtual
How using Amplitude led to a 15% Lift in Sales Funnel Completion at TicketSwap
Apr 25, 2024

Join us for an engaging webinar featuring TicketSwap's Digital Marketing Lead, Nicolas Basoalto Reyes, as he shares their journey of transforming their user experience and driving substantial growth. Discover how TicketSwap used Amplitude to leverage data insights to optimize sales funnels and fuel global expansion.

April Coffee Chat: Is Your Digital Analytics Function a Cost Center or a Profit Center?
Apr 25, 2024

Join Adam Greco, our digital analytics connoisseur with over two decades in the game, as he unveils the truth behind analytics as a cost center versus a dynamic profit engine. Through real-world tales, he'll provide you with tools to assess where your team stands and how to pivot your perspective from analyzing to capitalizing.

Women in Analytics
Women in Analytics Webinar Series
May 1 – May 29, 2024

Amplitude is the exclusive sponsor of a three-part webinar series for Women in Analytics in May. Our theme for the month is Clean Data, Clear Vision: Empowering Analysts for Impact. Listen to our Amplitude presenters on May 1, 15, and 29.

Europe & Middle EastIn-person
OMR Festival 2024
May 7 – May 8, 2024

Meet the Amplitude team at Booth A1 H06 at the OMR Festival 2024. Talk to our team to step outside of your understanding of customer acquisition funnels and learn to build a better customer journey, strengthen and improve user engagement and retention. Set up a meeting with us today.

2024 Product Strategy Series - How To Create A Growth Model For Your Product
May 8, 2024

Don't miss the grand finale of our Product Strategy Series! Learn to craft a winning growth model for your product with Amplitude and Just Mad. Reserve your spot now!

Amplitude x Leading The Product: Disruption Through Innovation - Connecting the Full Customer Journey
May 9, 2024

Join us for this webinar by Adam Greco, one of the leading voices in the digital analytics industry & learn how to gain insights into the full customer journey.

Europe & Middle EastIn-person
Breakfast of Champions London
May 14, 2024

Join the London product community for a breakfast networking event and the chance to speak to one of the most seasoned product experts globally. Francois Ajenstat, Amplitude's Chief Product Officer, will share his experience and introduce his vision of products going forward.

Europe & Middle EastIn-person
La Product Conf Paris
May 15, 2024

Amplitude will be sponsoring the biggest Product conference of the year! Join us on May 15th at La Product Conf Paris to network and learn together.

Europe & Middle EastIn-person
Product Breakfast Amplitude
May 16, 2024

Join the Amsterdam product community for a fun networking event and the chance to speak to one of the most seasoned product experts globally. Francois Ajenstat, Amplitude's CPO will share his experience and introduce his vision of products going forward.

Europe & Middle EastIn-person
AmpliTour Paris LIVE
May 23, 2024

Rejoignez-nous pour un workshop interactif qui vous permettra d'apprendre à mettre en place une stratégie product basée sur la data, grâce à Amplitude.

Europe & Middle EastVirtual
Amplitude : Une Conversation avec Back Market
May 30, 2024

Rejoignez-nous pour une conversation avec Marthe Ruyssen, Lead Tracking & Product Analytics chez Back Market, et découvrez comment Back Market utilise la data pour optimiser ses produits et prendre les meilleures décisions pour son business.

Europe & Middle EastVirtual
Power Up PM - How To Find Your Product’s True North
Jun 4, 2024

This workshop is perfect for Product Managers looking to drive product success and alignment by defining a constellation of key metrics which can help guide their strategic decisions. By the end of the session, participants will clearly understand their product's North Star Metric (NSM) and the Driver Tree that supports it.

Europe & Middle EastIn-person
The Next Web | TNW Amsterdam 2024
Jun 20 – Jun 21, 2024

Join us at TNW in Amsterdam. We'd love to meet you and set up individual meetings to speak with you directly about all your analytics questions.