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Amplitude Analytics

#1 in analytics for digital teams.

Empower your teams with self-service insight into what bets to make, what features and customer actions lead to outcomes and where to double down.

Your Customers

Gain a deeper understanding of how customers experience your digital products.

  • Analyze behaviors
  • Identify personas
  • Track engagement
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Your Experience

Enable teams to easily see the complete picture and take faster action.

  • Spot friction
  • Measure results
  • See journeys
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Your Outcomes

Know which behaviors and experiences impact customer and business value.

  • Understand conversions
  • Improve retention
  • Grow lifetime value
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Your Innovation

Remove all barriers between teams and the insights that lead to game-changing results.

  • Democratize data
  • Foster collaboration
  • Share impact
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Ultra-fast, intelligent insight into customer behavior.

Allow your team to instantly answer both simple and complex questionsfrom measuring baseline metrics to understanding, exploring, learning and predicting what will happen next.

Go beyond surface-level data like page views and clicks to analyze detailed behaviors, user attributes, channels and more.

  • What are our most-used features?
  • Who are our high-value customers?
  • How many people engaged and converted?

Know where to double-down with insight into how features, A/B tests and campaigns are impacting your KPIs with real-time, out-of-the box reporting that’s flexible to your needs.

  • How many active customers do we have?
  • What is the lifetime value of each user segment?
  • Which acquisition campaigns are our top performers?

Teams can proactively surface important trends, see how new features affect user behavior and decrease the time to detecting issues.

  • Which variants in our A/B testing are performing best?
  • Why did we see a spike or drop?

See any user path across multi-devices and multi-products at an aggregate and individual user level to understand the context and intent behind every action.

  • How many users sign up on mobile and switch to desktop?
  • What do users do after sign-up or before purchase?
  • Where do people get stuck in flows between products?

Prioritize product and marketing investments by answering why your users engage, convert and retain with the industry’s smartest funnel and retention reports.

  • Where and why do users covert?
  • Which features have the greatest correlation to revenue?
  • How do behaviors impact retention rates?

Use the power of machine learning to forecast results over time and determine users’ likelihood to buy, churn, or any number outcomes.

  • What is our forecast for growth over the next quarter?
  • What is the likelihood that this user will churn?
  • How likely is this audience to convert from this campaign?

Trusted by the best and brightest.

“Amplitude provides us a richer and deeper framework beyond what we could get elsewhere. We move faster, ideate quicker and understand our users more deeply.”

Eddie Lee
VP of Product

“With Amplitude we’re not simply reporting numbers. It’s about helping the business make measurably better decisions.”

John Humphrey
Head of Data Science and Analytics

“Switching to Amplitude allowed us to find answers that improved retention by 3x and get named Apple App Store Best App of the Year.”

Sue Cho
Head of Lifecycle Marketing

“Amplitude has saved us months of engineering investments into understanding user behavior in our products. This platform greatly reduces the barrier to data analysis.”

Aidan Goodall
Lead Analyst

“Amplitude’s easy-to-use interface, and out of the box product and growth analyses empowered our product managers to be self-sufficient, to get at the answers they needed without having to wait for help from my team.”

Stu Kim-Brown
Director of Product Analytics
Under Armour

“Amplitude has really changed the way we work internally. We used to work with data in silos and now, thanks to Amplitude, we have created a big team where we are all using Amplitude together on a daily basis.”

Lou Grasser
Subscriptions Director
Le Monde

The product analytics playbooks.

After years of working with the top digital teams we’ve developed a set of in-depth playbooks to help you kickstart or optimize your path to growth.

Mastering Retention

Retention is critical for every product, whether you’re at a Fortune 500 company or a 5-person startup. Learn proven methods for building a data-informed retention strategy.

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Mastering Engagement

Set product strategy for great user engagement, go in-depth on engagement loops, stickiness, activation and see examples from some of today’s most engaging products.

Read More
The North Star Framework

Put the North Star framework to action for your product.

Read More

Empower each team with great decisions.

Out-of-the-box yet flexible reports enable you to answer your unique questions and understand how you can create customer and business value.

Used by more product managers than any other analytics solution to confidently make decisions about product roadmap, prove the impact of new features, and accelerate the team’s ability to ship.

“Amplitude provides speed of execution. We were able to 11x the number of tests run in a quarter. The fact that we drive value for our customers and PayPal faster is invaluable.”

Kash Baghaei
Senior Director of Product

More than 15,000 marketers use Amplitude to see the full customer lifecycle, optimize acquisition flows, measure user engagement and identify high-value audiences.

“We were able to improve marketing spend efficiency by 3x, as measured through A/B tests and LTV improvements.”

Andrew Touchstone
Director of Growth Marketing

Now engineers can connect efforts directly to customer impact and instantly spot bugs while empowering non-technical teams to ask and answer their own questions, saving everyone time.

“Often engineers feel like they don’t have any impact on the product roadmap or an ability to affect change. With Amplitude, I feel like I’m giving them a way into that conversation.”

Sam Dalton
Engineering Manager

Your teams will increase innovation and productivity with analytics purpose-built for deep, fast behavioral analysis.

“Our main users of Amplitude are my data science and product teams. It’s a truly collaborative process that saves us time, and leads to more informed decisions. It allows us to look at the structured data without spending the additional development time required to build out new views.”

Nicholas Aldershof
Director of Data Science

Digital leaders can easily report on product and business health, track performance changes over time and access critical insights wherever they need them with Amplitude.

“Organizational alignment is essential. Amplitude Analytics gives us a shared version of truth and enables orgs to work together. We’re looking at the same data for the first time. It’s our single source of what’s going on in the products.”

Nilanjan Adhya
Chief Digital Officer

Analytics built for adoption and collaboration.

Collaboration embedded through Amplitude is the secret to moving fast, adopting a data-informed culture, proving impact and sharing collective knowledge.

Get Started with Templates

Get answers in just a few clicks with Templates that help you efficiently and confidently recreate common analyses and shared best practices.

Tell Stories with Notebooks

Communicate context and takeaways from analysis that help your team tell stories and make data-informed decisions.

Amplitude Dashboard For Product And Marketing Teams

Monitor Performance with Dashboards

Your new source of truth for digital business performance with accessible, shareable, and customizable charts and metrics.

Manage Projects with Team Spaces

Get all your stakeholders in the same “room” so they can work and learn together with a space customized for them.

Amplitude is #1 in Product Analytics.

Trusted by disruptors everywhere to optimize their digital business.

Don’t just take it from us. Users ranked Amplitude #1 in Product Analytics for the 5th consecutive time.
And it’s not just for product teams. Every digital team can harness the power of product analytics to drive better business outcomes. That’s why we are ranked by G2 as one of the customer favorites across all software categories.

“Amplitude has changed the way we do business.”

Applications to fit how and what you build.

Looking for extra horsepower to fit your unique analytics needs? We’ve got you covered.


Ship fast and learn more with automatic alerts

  • Get notified on changes in product performance
  • Closely monitor KPI trends and anomalies
  • Instantly surface patterns in your product data


Analyze engagement across multiple applications

  • Automatically merge user IDs across platforms and products
  • Understand how users move between platforms and products
  • Get a single click executive view of a company’s product health


Accelerate SaaS product growth

  • Identify features that drive account conversion
  • Sync critical data from integrations like Salesforce and Zendesk
  • Focus on the right accounts impacting ROI


Access billions of user actions without compromise

  • Sample your high volume user base without sacrificing accuracy
  • Get instant answers at any event volume
  • Customize your sampling rate

Built on real-time data you can trust.

Amplitude Analytics includes built-in data management to integrate and govern all your sources, giving teams a complete, accurate view of product and customer data.


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