Feature Experimentation

Personalization drives better R&D ROI

Scale innovation with every feature. Get reliable targeting, identity resolution, and cohort support built-in—no integration required.

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See how easy it is to design every experiment

Democratize experimentation and bring teams together in one place

Dive deeper into user behavior and deliver innovative features faster. Get the guidance you need to build world-class experiments and simple recommendations to keep iterating fast.

Data Science

Innovate with confidence

Get guidance for every test
Get guidance for every test

Ensure your team sets up every experiment successfully for faster value

Hyper-personalization at scale
Hyper-personalization at scale

Seamlessly target tests based on user attributes and behavior

Consistent delivery, every time
Consistent delivery, every time

Serve users one experience across any platform or authenticated state

Get everything you need to innovate in one platform

Get the guidance you need, every step of the way
Target any segment
Ship experiments seamlessly
Scale with cutting-edge approaches and robust stats
Resolve issues in real time
Increase velocity and save your budget 20%
  • Perfect experiment design with a guided user experience
  • Get notified as soon as your test is ready for a decision using Slack or email
  • Get accurate duration estimates to validate that your test is worth running in real-time
  • Use machine learning to surface behavioral cohorts
  • Trust your results with consistent targeting across devices
  • Deliver the right experience with precision
  • Build with enterprise-grade feature flags
  • Configure and roll out experiments seamlessly and remotely
  • Manage progressive rollouts in a few clicks
  • More flexibility with built-in support for sequential testing, T-tests, and multi-armed bandits
  • Get to statistical significance faster with CUPED
  • Use holdout groups and mutual exclusion groups to scale with ease
  • Avoid issues with targeting, allocation, and more
  • Get guidance to design experiments correctly every time
  • Resolve issues faster with real-time notifications
  • Lower your total cost of ownership 20% with stack consolidation
  • Avoid bottlenecks, brittle pipelines, and excessive data charges
  • Eliminate mismatched metrics and stop maintaining unnecessary data sets

Discover why product teams love Amplitude

Scale feature experimentation to build better products


Improved smartphone inventory 30% by providing users a better way to understand the resell value of their devices.


Improved their success rate 2.8X, ran 1.5X more experiments, and increased leads 10X from their tests.


Improved order conversion 17% through better forms in their product experience.

Build smarter and faster without sacrificing control or performance

Enhance every release with the tools you need to build, test, and optimize code in one place.

Guided UX for all

Guide every team to set up every experiment accurately

Flexible stats for any use case

Get built-in flexibility with sequential testing, T-tests, and Multi-armed bandits

Enterprise feature management

See how new releases influence metrics like user growth and adoption

Local evaluation

Deliver performant releases with near-zero latency

Remote evaluation

Target by user context with built-in ID resolution

Flexible APIs

Programmatically roll out tests and integrate with CI/CD pipelines with ease

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“Experiment liberated our product and marketing teams. The easy-to-understand charts and graphs mean they don’t need help interpreting the numbers, which saves our data science teams time while unblocking experimentation for product and marketing teams.”

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Hernan Garcia
Head of Product, rebuy
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