Amplitude for product teams

Build Better Products. Fuel Faster Growth.

Get trusted insights about what drives customer engagement right at your fingertips so you can build better products.

Build Better Products. Fuel Faster Growth.

Unlock your product’s potential

Accelerate adoption
Accelerate adoption

Compare who does (and doesn’t) convert to see shared traits, remove obstacles, and deliver a seamless experience.

Turn churn into retention
Turn churn into retention

Understand customer journeys and easily target and retarget customers to keep them coming back for more.

Convert more customers
Convert more customers

Take action on powerful product insights to meet customers where they are and fuel growth.

Everything you need to fast-track product growth

Get the answers you need fast
Uncover what's working and why
Use insights to build better product experiences

Turn your questions into insights faster with self-serve product analytics.

  • Access key product metrics out-of-the-box with pre-built templates.
  • Connect quantitative and qualitative user insights with Session Replay.
  • Collaborate on your insights and reporting with dashboards and notebooks.

With every click, swipe, and scroll, understand and visualize what your customers are doing and why.

  • Identify the features and behaviors that drive growth or churn.
  • Spot and resolve friction across the customer journey.
  • Correlate and promote high-engagement behaviors.

Turn your data into engaging, profitable products and experiences.

  • Use customer insights to run experiments and deploy features—all in one platform.
  • Understand what features have the best chance of success and adoption.
  • Meet customers in the moment with personalized products and experiences that drive business growth.

Discover why product leaders love Amplitude

Learn how customers use Amplitude to design better products and experiences.

Rocket Money increases lifetime value
Rocket Money increases lifetime value

By providing a more consistent experience across iOS, Android, and web, Rocket Money increased lifetime value by an average of $10 million in annual revenue.

Vimeo benefits from self-service insights
Vimeo benefits from self-service insights

Vimeo empowered product managers to easily uncover insights with Amplitude and improve completion rates by 33%.

WeMoney boosts customer retention
WeMoney boosts customer retention

WeMoney used Amplitude insights to build goal-setting into their initial onboarding process, which led to a 20% increase in retention.

Features built by and for product teams


Get industry-specific templates for top use cases, including key product metrics and event recommendations.

Behavioral cohorts

Automatically group users based on their actions to connect behaviors to business outcomes.

Monitoring and alerts

Quickly spot and act on anomalies in your metrics with machine learning-powered alerts.

Session Replay

Marry rich quantitative insights with real-time qualitative feedback to reconstruct digital experiences.

Product experimentation

Scale experimentation across teams. Test, measure, and deploy—all in one platform.

Dashboards and notebooks

Empower self-service insights and turn your learnings into powerful stories with full context for collaborators.

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“We can look at high-level metrics, diagnose issues collaboratively, solve problems, and deep dive into data in real time without asking data scientists for help. That’s the power of self-service analytics.”

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Jake Heller
Rocket Money
Product Manager at Rocket Money


Product Analytics for Dummies
Product Analytics for Dummies

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Product-Led Growth Guide Volume 1: What is PLG?
Product-Led Growth Guide Volume 1: What is PLG?

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Lessons in Experimentation
Lessons in Experimentation

Don't miss out on this opportunity to revolutionize your approach to experimentation.

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