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Frequently asked questions

Where do I find developer docs?

You can find all developer documentation to get started with Data Connections in the Amplitude Developer center.

How can I request a new integration?

Looking for an integration that you don’t see here? Request an integration by emailing our Partnerships team at

How can I build a new integration?

If you are a technology provider looking to build an integration to Amplitude, email the Amplitude Partnerships team at to apply to our technology partner program and get started.

Do I need developer resources to use these integrations?

With these data connections available to all Amplitude customers, our goal is to lower the barrier to entry to onboard data. We want to make sure product and data engineering teams no longer need to instrument or build out pipelines to bring data into Amplitude with these self-serve, configurable, and no-code integrations.

I don’t see the integration to an application in my data stack. Will I be able to bring data into Amplitude?

Customers can use several APIs provided by Amplitude such as Batch, HTTP to bring data in to Amplitude. Talk to your Account Executive to learn more!