Amplitude for data leaders

Fuel Growth with Self-Serve Data You Can Trust

Make trusted data accessible to everyone. Empower teams with self-service insights to collaborate, act fast, and create profitable products and experiences.

Fuel Growth with Self-Serve Data You Can Trust

Connect. Analyze. Predict. Scale.

Uncover acquisition opportunities
Uncover acquisition opportunities

Shine a light on customer behavior so you can prioritize high-impact features that grow your user base.

Support retention efforts
Support retention efforts

Connect your data ecosystem and provide enriched data to create better experiences and customers for life.

Turn your data into dollars
Turn your data into dollars

Publish insights that help your teams make quick business decisions and drive conversions.

Connect and unify data across your stack

Integrate your data without the complexity
Unlock self-service customer insights
Guide teams to faster action
  • Connect your data across 130+ data sources and destinations—with SDKs, APIs, and more.
  • Get proactive, built-in artificial intelligence-driven governance to deliver high-quality trusted data.
  • Meet your data where it lives with the flexibility to connect to the insights you need.
  • Enable non-technical teams to access easy-to-understand insights on their own.
  • Reduce your backlog so you can spend time focusing on more complicated analyses.
  • Empower teams to make data-driven decisions that drive revenue and accelerate monetization.
  • Say goodbye to managing multiple instances of your data and eliminate the need to query it in two places.
  • Automatically push merged customer data, audience lists, and predictive models to anywhere in your stack.
  • Empower teams to test and learn independently so they can identify the features that matter most.

Discover why data leaders love Amplitude

Learn how customers use Amplitude to maximize their data’s value.

Connect data sources
Connect data sources

Learn how RBI integrated their tech stack and increased drive through revenue by 2X.

Centralize user data
Centralize user data

Discover how NBCUniversal’s data team increased productivity by 25%.

Scale self-serve analytics
Scale self-serve analytics

Learn how Intuit reduced their manual data requests by 90%.

Maximize the value of your data

Data integrations

Unify customer data across your entire data ecosystem with 130+ turnkey integrations, SDKs, and APIs.

AI-driven data governance

Proactively maintain the integrity and trust of customer data across the data lifecycle with AI-driven workflows.

Warehouse-native Amplitude

Unlock the power of your data warehouse and read your data directly—no pipelines to build, no data to move.

Data privacy

Secure your data and be compliant with GDPR, CCPA, and other privacy regulations.

Audience management

Discover new revenue opportunities with native audience segmentation and targeting.

Data quality and observability

Enable data teams to monitor event data and proactively identify data quality issues.

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“Life before Amplitude was difficult for the analyst teams and for the stakeholders. Every time they wanted to know something, we would have to manually pull the data for them, and this could add days or weeks to the timeline.”

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John Humphrey
Head of Data Science & Analytics


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Guide to Global Customer Data Privacy

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Modernize your Analytics and Management

Discover how to break down silos, store data more securely, and make insights accessible with Amplitude and Snowflake.

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