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Amplitude for B2B SaaS

Make your accounts love your product

Product Intelligence helps teams understand their accounts’ and users’ behaviors, and more effectively move subscribers from activated, to engaged, to retained. 

Amplitude for Saas

Maximize Product Adoption

Understand what features motivate users to complete their first workflow—and beyond. 

Accelerate Milestones

Identify the experiences that drive acquisition, activation, retention and renewal. 

Improve Account Retention

Create more high value accounts by understanding which milestones lead to cross-sells and upsells.

These growth leaders in B2B SaaS use Amplitude

"Amplitude helps to unleash the potential of the Atlassian teams by allowing them to self-serve for analytics and improve our products faster and more accurately. Having Amplitude in the organization translates to faster decision making and more accurate decisions taken."

Itzik Feldman
Data Engineering Manager

Create experiences that drive renewals

Amplitude allows SaaS product teams to understand which updates will make the biggest impact on all customers, not just the ones that offer the most feedback.

Streamline your product workflows

Analyze product adoption in real-time

See if your product experiences are driving users seconds after you release them.

Understand dropoff in seconds

In just two clicks, identify the differences in behaviors of users who convert versus those who don’t.

Prioritize high-value feature requests

Invest your team’s resources in the highest-impact feature requests and product updates.


Increase in user engagement

“Amplitude has saved us months of engineering investments into understanding user behavior in our products. It points out areas where things are not working as well as we expected them to work.”

Gooi Chungheong

Principal Engineering Manager

Show new users value, faster

Identify milestones that create top accounts

See if 1st, 3rd or 5th time feature use has the highest impact on conversion and retention.

Expedite acquisition, activation, and retention

Ensure your users are progressing through key lifecycle phases.

Build strong relationships at scale 

Make sure that you’re not just listening to the loudest or highest paying customer in the room.


increase in invoices paid on time & associated revenue

“Product intelligence is not simply reporting numbers. It’s about helping the business make measurably better decisions.”

John Humphrey

Head of Data Science and Analytics

Increase upsells and loyalty

Pinpoint opportunities for expansion

Determine which milestones indicate future cross-sells and upsells.

Identify and create more power users 

Uncover important behaviors and users that help you improve adoption and retention within your accounts.

Optimize your pricing and packaging

Maximize the impact of your product portfolio’s pricing, packaging, and bundles.


Increase in quarterly revenue

“It would be crazy to not use Amplitude’s Accounts if you are a SaaS company. With Accounts, each team can drill down to the set of customers that can create the highest ROI through product changes."

Daniel Wolchonok

Senior Manager Of Growth & Analytics

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