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Product intelligence enables the teams asking the questions, building the experiences, and deciding what's next with the data and analytics they need.

Amplitude | Product Intelligence

Build faster

Teams get the data they need in real-time, allowing them to learn—and ship—faster than ever before.

Build smarter

AI-enabled analytics uncovers answers, trends, correlations, and new questions that help teams make better decisions.

Build together

With easy ways to access, share and organize data, your team will make better decisions and tell stories with data.

What is Product Intelligence?

More than just analytics

Product intelligence brings together data, insights, and actions to help the top teams retain more customers and support sustainable, long-term product growth.

Product Analytics

Real-time analytics to monitor, drill-in and explore user behavior and cross-platform digital journeys. All the charts, reports, dashboards, and segmentation you'd expect, and others you never thought possible.

Data Management

Data pipelines and governance that make it easy to create usable, accurate, and controlled windows into a user’s end-to-end behavioral journeys.

Behavioral Targeting

First-party behavioral data and seamless integrations enable product and marketing teams to scale personalizing experiences and measuring impact. 

Team Collaboration

Collaboration and enablement tools that help teams communicate, learn, and keep pace with rapid question-asking, exploration, and decision-making.

“Amplitude is a powerful product intelligence platform that will empower your product managers to self-serve and, in turn, allow you to make better and faster product decisions.”

Ran Chen
Head of Consumer Product
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#1 Product Analytics

Fast, self-service insight into customer behavior

Product and growth teams choose Amplitude because it helps them get to more answers, decisions, and measurable outcomes than any other solution.

Explore behavioral data

Go beyond vanity metrics like pageviews and clicks to segment and explore customer behaviors, user attributes, personas, channels, and more.

Measure metrics that matter

Keep a pulse on product usage and your most important metrics with real-time insights that are flexible to your unique needs.

Find drivers of conversion

Answer why your users engage, convert, and are retained so you can prioritize impactful product improvements.

Analyze digital journeys

Get a complete picture of user behavior, map user paths, and improve conversions between steps - all with beautiful visualizations.

Share insights across teams

Make it easy for everyone to access customer data, align around decisions, and share impact with robust collaboration and enablement tools.

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Fully Integrated
Easy to use (No SQL)
Lightning Fast

A complete picture of user behavior

See every user path, no matter how simple or how complex, to understand the context and intent behind every action.

Cross-product analytics

Understand your users' complete experience with your suite of digital products, in real-time.

Cross-device analytics 

Identify your users across the many devices they use to tie their behavior together in a unified profile. 

Digital customer journeys

Connect fragmented events into visualized journeys to discover where to improve your user experience. 

Product usage analytics

Capture, aggregate, and analyze how user and feature engagement to improve digital experiences and revenue streams.

“Product intelligence is not simply reporting numbers. It’s about helping the business make measurably better decisions.”

John Humphrey
Former Head of Data Science and Analytics
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Integrated from data to action—and back again

Handle a firehose of data from diverse sources and connect data to power personalized experiences.

Customized to fit how and what your team builds

Looking for extra horsepower to fit your unique analytics needs? We’ve got you covered.


Improve data integrity, accessibility and control

    Expedite your QA and data validation process

    Define the rules for data collection

    Correct implementation errors without writing code

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Direct data access for custom analytics

    Track and share any metric with custom queries

    Get raw access to your product data with Snowflake

    Benefit from Amplitude’s merged users and clean schema

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Accelerate SaaS product growth

    Identify features that drive account conversion

    Sync critical data from integrations like Salesforce and Zendesk

    Focus on the right accounts impacting ROI

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Access billions of user actions without compromise

    Sample your high volume user base without sacrificing accuracy

    Get instant answers at any event volume

    Customize your sampling rate

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Ship fast and learn more with automatic alerts

    Get notified on changes in product performance

    Closely monitor KPI trends and anomalies

    Instantly surface patterns in your product data

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Analyze engagement across multiple applications

    Automatically merge user IDs across platforms and products

    Understand how users move between platforms and products

    Get a single click executive view of a company’s product health

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Behavioral targeting made easy

    Personalize experiences with users’ actual behavior

    Scale programmatic campaigns to hundreds of segments

    Measure campaign impact on revenue-producing outcomes

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Product-led Practices Get Results

Businesses that use product intelligence tools are more than 5.5x likely to see >25% revenue growth year over year. Learn more in the Product Intelligence Report.

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