Modern Data Stack

Unlock the Power of Your Data

Data without context is nothing. Amplitude fits into any modern data stack to create impact from your existing data investments.

Unlock the Power of Your Data

Data Accessibility Without Sacrificing Security

Data leaders choose Amplitude as a customer insight and data activation layer on top of their data stack to securely govern, manage, orchestrate, and activate behavioral data.

Data Quality

Unite teams around accurate data – giving data teams developer toolkits that helps them collaborate and get to decisions faster.

Privacy and Security

Amplitude’s digital analytics platform meets industry certification standards to help reduce compliance burdens for your business.

Data Sources

Automatically push merged customer data, audience lists or predictive models to product and marketing teams so they can generate business insights without analyst support.

Activating Data for The Best and Brightest

“Amplitude and Snowflake have given RBI the ability to harness our data, turn it into something that’s easily understood, and drive better business decisions”

author photo
Aryan Naraghi
Restaurant Brands International (RBI)
Head of Data Analytics

Your Guide to Data Impact

Amplitude unlocks the power of your data and guides you to deliver impact to everyone in your organization.

Trusted behavioral data: Accessibility and accuracy without chaos and unexpected costs.

Consistent behavioral insights: Best practices for digital analytics that improve analysis company-wide and save your analysts’ time.

Faster, efficient action: Let product managers and marketers easily access data in your warehouse – without writing a single line of code.

An Amplitude dashboard showing event data usage

Data Impact for Every Architecture

Learn how Amplitude adds a seamless activation layer to any modern data stack design.

A map showing the relation between Amplitude’s platform and the Data Warehouse.
A map showing the relation between Amplitude’s platform and your third party data sources.
A map showing the relation between Amplitude’s platform and your homegrown pipeline.
A map showing Amplitude’s platform without connecting to a data warehouse.

Collect data from clients, application and backend services so users can create activations and experimentations that impact business objectives.

For data stacks with existing data warehouse investments, Amplitude natively connects with your third-party data sources to power your MarTech and AdTech strategies.

Amplitude seamlessly integrated with your homegrown pipeline, ingesting data as it's created to deliver instant insights and activate real-time personalization strategies.

Organizations early in their transformation use Amplitude to analyze and activate data sources without connecting to a data warehouse.

Data Impact for Every Data Stack

Learn how Amplitude works with your data stack architecture to make your data easier to analyze and activate, cutting value delivery from weeks to days.

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