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Image of Adam Greco
Adam Greco
Product Evangelist, Amplitude
Image of Blake Jackson
Blake Jackson
Manager, Global Talent Initiatives, Amplitude
Image of Darshil Gandhi
Darshil Gandhi
Principal Product Marketing Manager
Image of Pragnya Paramita
Pragnya Paramita
Group Product Marketing Manager, Amplitude
Image of Cao (Danica) Xiao
Cao (Danica) Xiao
Senior Director, Data Science & Machine Learning
Cao (Danica) Xiao is the senior director and head of data science and machine learning at Amplitude. She is a passionate machine learning researcher and is currently leading Amplitude's machine learning team in building machine learning solutions for Amplitude products.
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Image of Brian Abad
Brian Abad
Head of Technical Support
Finding ways to improve the customer experience across Support and Education.
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Image of Kate Adams
Kate Adams
Product Manager, Amplitude
Kate is a product manager at Amplitude focused on improving customer adoption. She's always looking for excuses to visit new places, learn new things, and eat unusual food.
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Image of Pulkit Agrawal
Pulkit Agrawal
CEO and co-founder, Chameleon
Pulkit Agrawal is co-founder & CEO of Chameleon. He cares deeply about UX and enjoys translating user psychology into good product design. Previously he's worked on data analytics, growth and product for startups and studied Engineering at the University of Cambridge.
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Image of Marcus Akerland
Marcus Akerland
Senior Digital Marketing Manager, Amplitude
Marcus Akerland is a senior manager of digital marketing at Amplitude. Previously, he was a growth marketing manager at The Athletic and a digital marketing manager at AdRoll.
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Image of Nick Aldershof
Nick Aldershof
Nick Aldershof leads the analytics team for OkCupid. Throughout his career he's been focused on optimizing products with strong network effects in order to build healthy ecosystems and markets. He's passionate about using data science and analytics to optimize business operations and drive growth with novel insights and improvements in business strategy.
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Image of Konstantinos Anagnostou
Konstantinos Anagnostou
Senior Product Analyst at SmartRecruiters
Konstantinos Anagnostou is a Senior Product Analyst at SmartRecruiters. He is a highly experienced, results- and data-oriented Senior Business Analyst / Project Manager with an excellent business understanding as well as team building and leading experience.
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Image of Ryan Ashcraft
Ryan Ashcraft
Senior Software Engineer
Ryan is on the Product Engineering team at Amplitude. He is passionate about building delightful user experiences and designing robust applications. Prior to Amplitude, Ryan worked as a frontend engineer at Yahoo, built some iOS apps, and studied at Georgia Tech.
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Image of Jan-Erik Asplund
Jan-Erik Asplund
Jan-Erik Asplund is a writer, biker, and part-time meditator based in New York City. He occasionally blogs at riskcapital.co.
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Image of Ganit Bar-Dor
Ganit Bar-Dor
Manager, Technical Services & Succes, Amplitude
Ganit Bar-Dor manages Technical Services & Success at Amplitude, working with companies to gain actionable insights and effectively manage their data. She has worn many hats within professional services and product teams, building, executing and consulting with customers. Ganit Bar-Dor graduated from Concordia University in Montreal, Canada, with a degree in Computer Science.
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Katie Barnett headshot
Katie Barnett
Principal Product Manager, Amplitude
Katie is a principal product manager at Amplitude. She's focused on helping customers use the core Analytics product to gain user insights to build better products and drive business growth. Previously, she was a staff product manager at Gladly and a senior product manager at AppNexus. She's also worked in strategy & business development at Bloomberg and investment banking at Goldman Sachs.
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Image of Ibrahim Bashir
Ibrahim Bashir
VP of Product, Amplitude
Ibrahim Bashir has been building and shipping software for over 20 years. He is currently an executive at Amplitude, where he serves as the VP of product for the core analytics offering. Before that, he scaled Box's platform ecosystem, Twitter's service infrastructure, and Amazon's Kindle business. And in past lives, he studied computer science, taught algorithms courses, wrote radiology software, built ecommerce platforms, and served as a technology consultant. Ibrahim is also a prolific creator of content around the discipline of product management and the craft of cross-functional leadership. You can consume his latest musings via his Substack newsletter Run the Business.
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