Digital Analytics: Where Do I Start?

No matter your skill level, boost your Amplitude knowledge with this helpful resource roundup.

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February 26, 2024
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Noorisingh Saini
Content Marketing Manager, Amplitude
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Want to use Amplitude but need help getting started?

Whether you’re new to our Digital Analytics Platform or an experienced user, there are myriad resources to help you get started or improve your skills. We’ve compiled the best ways to immerse yourself in Amplitude and turn your data into action. Check out the roundup below!

Amplitude Academy

Want Amplitude training? Look no further. The Amplitude Academy offers free online courses for customers looking to fast-track their adoption, including an adoption guide and enablement toolkit. Delve into the robust video library—searchable by topics and use cases—to earn Amplitude digital badges showcasing your skills.

Amplitude Community

The Amplitude Community is a place to meet and learn from your peers. This online forum enables Amplitude users to share questions and ideas, discover the latest product news and updates, and find resources to bolster their skills.

For a deeper dive into the analytics world, join Cohort, an Amplitude Slack space where you can exchange ideas and tactics with peers and experts alike.

Amplitude Blog

Keep up with the latest in digital analytics best practices and product-led growth strategies. The Amplitude Blog offers timely, relevant thought leadership on a broad range of analytics-related topics, plus success stories and tips from customers using Amplitude to achieve their business goals.

Amplitude’s YouTube channel

Think of this as Amplitude TV. Amplitude’s YouTube channel offers everything from videos about our vision and products to a series spotlighting our customers, including Atlassian, Ford, and SoFi. You can also catch up on our conferences and workshops.

Amplitude Resource Center

The Amplitude Resource Center is a one-stop destination for guides, reports, worksheets, videos, and more—all designed to help you use analytics to drive growth. Here, you’ll find some of our most popular reads, including our Retention, Acquisition, and North Star playbooks, plus Product-Led Growth Guides Volume 1 and Volume 2.

Amplitude’s social media accounts

Our LinkedIn account is a must-follow for Amplitude news, product launches, and thought leadership. For insightful and personal commentary on digital analytics, add Amplitude’s leaders to your list:

Amplitude events

You might want to make some room on your calendar. Our full roster of events throughout the year includes everything from live, hands-on product tours and demos to panel strategy discussions and workshops. When we’re not hosting our own events, we’re proud to participate in our technology partners’ events, such as Snowflake Summit.

On-demand learning

If you want to get serious about product management and digital analytics, consider signing up for Reforge courses. Founded by Brian Balfour, former VP at Hubspot, Reforge has made a name for itself with high-quality content and marquee-name instructors.


Podcasts are a great way to learn on the go—and Reforge’s podcast, Unsolicited Feedback, is essential listening for your playlist. Hosted by founder Brian Balfour and Fareed Mosavat, Reforge’s former chief development officer, episodes feature candid conversations with product and growth leaders.

Lenny’s Podcast, hosted by the author of the widely read Lenny’s Newsletter, takes a practical tack, offering insights and tips designed to help listeners build, launch, and grow their own products. Together, the episodes represent a who’s who in tech, including leaders like Amplitude’s VP of Growth Laura Schaffer.

Substacks and newsletters

Although not Amplitude publications per se, Run the Business and databeats are the products of two thought leaders with direct ties to the company. Run the Business grew out of the personal musings of Amplitude VP of Product Management, Ibrahim Bashir, who began writing about the work of building and shipping products as a way to clarify his own ideas. Now, it's a sprawling Substack that explores every aspect of product management.

Another great read is databeats, a weekly newsletter that evolved from Arpit Choudhury’s work at his Data-Led Academy, which was acquired by Amplitude. The content? It’s designed to “bridge the gap between data people and non-data people.”

Amplitude demo experience

Curious about the Amplitude experience? Get a preview with a self-serve demo account. Pre-loaded with data and equipped with Amplitude’s most popular features, the demo enables you to discover how you can use digital analytics to drive growth. The demo even gives you access to Amplitude’s starter templates—out-of-the-box dashboards designed to take the guesswork out of identifying and tracking metrics, including key performance indicators across industries.

Take your digital analytics skills to the next level with Amplitude

There are plenty of compelling reasons to boost your Amplitude know-how: Digital analytics expertise is essential to creating products and experiences that earn customers’ loyalty.

As you can see from the above list, there’s no shortage of reading, watching, and listening materials to help you level up your skills. Make your pick, and get started with a free Amplitude account today.

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Image of Noorisingh Saini
Noorisingh Saini
Content Marketing Manager, Amplitude
Noorisingh Saini is a data-driven Content Marketing Manager and Amplitude power user. Previously, she managed all customer identity content at Okta. Noorisingh graduated from Yale University with a degree in Cognitive Science, specializing in Emotions, Consumer Behavior, and Behavioral Decision Making. In her free time, she runs a personal blog with over 50K+ followers.