Snowflake Names Amplitude ‘Analytics Leader’ in 2023 Data Stack Awards

Check out The Modern Marketing Data Stack report for the latest trends and industry leaders. Snowflake recognizes Amplitude as a leader in analytics.

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September 14, 2023
Headshot of Courtney Burry
Courtney Burry
Vice President of Product, Partner, and Customer Marketing, Amplitude
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Today, organizations are investing millions of dollars to centralize their cloud data. The benefits are clear: better performance, greater flexibility, more robust security, and lower costs. The only problem? Non-technical teams—often making up most of the organization—cannot access this data. Enter self-service analytics.

With self-serve analytics, teams across various domains, including product, marketing, and growth, can explore data without waiting on analysts’ reports. And these real-time insights have never been more critical for ROI as product and business investments come under scrutiny.

Amplitude has long been a leader in self-serve analytics, understanding the need for marketing and growth teams to leverage product insights to continually improve the customer experience. Acknowledging this success, Snowflake recently recognized Amplitude as an analytics leader in the Data Cloud company’s 2023 Modern Marketing Data Stack report.

Amplitude and the Modern Marketing Data Stack Report

Snowflake's annual Modern Marketing Data Stack report is a resource for marketers looking to improve their data-driven marketing efforts. The report draws insights from around 8,000 active Snowflake customers to identify the most prominent players in the industry. The report identifies leaders and up-and-coming companies across analytics, integration and modeling, identity and enrichment, business intelligence, and data science and AI.

The report addresses the challenges marketers face today across their data stack and explores how these leaders provide solutions. Highlights from these industry frontrunners’ solutions include enhanced performance, customer engagement, and optimized ROI.

For the second year in a row, Snowflake named Amplitude as a leader in analytics. The report calls out Amplitude’s low code/no code capabilities with its Digital Analytics Platform, which supports the needs of non-technical teams.

It hails Amplitude's ability to capture event data from diverse first, second, and third-party sources, ranging from behavioral and product analytics to mobile and web interactions. The report highlights how Amplitude's seamless integration with Snowflake enables organizations to break down data silos and unlock self-service data insights. This integration means that technically savvy individuals and those new to data analytics can easily generate queries and use data from Snowflake's centralized repository.

"Together, Amplitude and Snowflake deliver increased ROI for joint customers looking to take action on their data to drive active user growth, improve monetization, and increase retention."

2023 Modern Marketing Data Stack Report

The continued success of the Snowflake + Amplitude partnership

Amid this data revolution, Amplitude's partnership with Snowflake helps clients seeking to make access to data insights readily available to everyone across their organization. Amplitude's powerful product analytics platform seamlessly integrates with Snowflake's cutting-edge data warehousing capabilities. Businesses gain access to a holistic data solution that enables teams to make data-driven decisions effortlessly.

Since 2021, Amplitude and Snowflake have forged a groundbreaking partnership to help put product data in the hands of every team. From bidirectional import/export integrations, to data sharing, to direct querying with Profile Connect, Amplitude and Snowflake continue to invest in delivering a comprehensive view of the customer journey.

Most recently, the two companies announced their largest joint venture to date: Snowflake-native Amplitude. Snowflake-native Amplitude empowers Snowflake users to perform powerful product analysis without ever leaving their Snowflake instance. This achievement is made possible with Snowflake's newly launched Snowpark Container Services, making it easy for customers to port over their existing security and governance policies directly into Snowflake.

Snowflake-native Amplitude sits on top of your data warehouse, enabling users to access insights directly from their source of truth. This approach minimizes data drift, reduces costs, and improves data security and compliance–because data never leaves the warehouse.

Elevate your marketing strategy with data

Unlock the potential of your marketing efforts by downloading Snowflake's 2023 Modern Marketing Data Stack report today. The report explores evolving data solutions, showcases the capabilities of industry leaders, and reveals strategies to optimize performance, customer engagement, and ROI.

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Headshot of Courtney Burry
Courtney Burry
Vice President of Product, Partner, and Customer Marketing, Amplitude
Courtney Burry is the VP of Product Marketing at Amplitude. Prior to working at Amplitude, she was SVP of Corporate and Product Marketing at Collibra and VP of Product Marketing at VMware. Courtney has 25+ years of marketing experience helping well-known tech brands evolve, grow, and thrive.